Your Wedding March – Coming Soon

What music do you imagine walking down the aisle to? Have you thought about it? A song that will always bring you back to that moment. A song that sets the tone for your wedding but reflects you as a couple. A song that will (help) get everyone a little emotional. Its a hard choice, right?

Your Wedding March loves helping couples add a unique touch to their day by offering personalised wedding marches. We want you to not only have a piece of music that will WOW your guests, but to have a song that reflects the style of the day. We have a selection of songs, suitable for all types of weddings, specifically written for wedding marches. Our composed pieces contain no lyrics, just beautiful instrumental music, because we wanted to put a modern twist on the traditional processional music at weddings, composing melodies that focused you on the moment. Music that builds with the emotion of the day, something uniquely yours to treasure for years to come.


Your Wedding March is launching soon! Stay tuned for more info!

Your Wedding March – Coming Soon

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